West Hall CCAC Allegheny Campus_Working Images
Digital Covers, Posters, Single Page
Digital Imaging/Illustration-a
Digital Photography-b
Digital Art - 13 & 14 AY
Digital Imaging/Illustration-b
Raku - Low Fire Ceramics | Professor Paul Jay
Alternative Energy Promotional Series
Art265 Portfolio Class
Drawing Traditional
Digital Photography-a
Information Graphics
Digital Publishing
Printmaking Traditional
Student Art Show Posters
Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Painting Traditional
Three Dimensional Design
Photography Traditional - black and white
VAC gallery images
Logos, Letterforms, Pictograms, Identity.
Two Dimensional Design - pen and ink
Ceramics and Raku
Professor Howard Lieberman | Remembrance
Professor Richard Heisler | Remembrance
Learning Commons & Math Cafe
Professor Joe Delphia's Honors Class Field Trips
Professor Jessica Cieslak's Art Appreciation ~ Dot Day
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